The Ole Bait and Switch

You know the term "Bait and Switch," right? Where you go to buy something and it's not available (but something more expensive is) or not exactly what you thought you were going to get? Added 
As an agent that views homes with buyers, I can tell you it happens in real estate as well. If you're a seller considering selling your home, pay attention! Here's some advice coming from my experiences these past several weeks working with buyers that you can use.
Often, I will send buyers properties and they look at the pictures online. And they look good. The house looks like a real gem! It's gleaming! Things appear modern! It's bright and spacious, and gosh, can't you just see your furniture going just right in this room? And they're excited to see the house. Maybe this is the one!
We show up, and we're standing in the front, ready to go in. Ok, so the front isn't quite what the photos show. There are some dead weeds growing in the driveway, but that's ok. Easy fix.
We open the door, and the lights don't work. Ok, so lightbulbs. Check.
And it's dirty. There's dirty laundry in piles. Walls are dirty from handprints and dog noses. The stove in the kitchen has a layer of grease and dust.
Sheer excitement from the buyer turned to an "Oh." and not in a positive tone, either.
First of all, I will say that homes are meant to be lived in. Really, who am I to talk when I have piles of clean clothes, dirty dishes, and dog nose prints on my front windows. However, not maintaining your home in photo condition when showings are happening is a huge mistake. 
Or worse yet, the professional photos are *too* good, and make the home look a lot better than it might be. Honestly, there's a reason we use professional photos. They look great!
Sometimes, it can't be helped that you must live in your home during the sales process. It's a lot of work to get a home ready and then keep it clean for showings. I have been there, with kids and dogs, and I get it! 
If your aim is to sell your home in the shortest time frame possible for the best possible price, don't leave your potential buyer with an "Oh" reaction when you're really looking for an "Oh!" you did the work to get them there, so don't lose them on account of things that you can control.
Don't make them feel like they're not seeing the product that was promised.

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