The Mysteries in Home Shopping

Home Buyer

Sometimes in real estate you see things that leave you scratching your head.

I recently attended a property viewing with my clients, a young couple buying their very first home. They’re expecting a baby, and are really excited to start off their life with their new little addition in their very own home.

They really liked the house we saw. However, there were some odd things going on that I couldn’t quite explain. It looked like sooty/dirty stripes were on the walls and ceilings of the home, exactly where the studs and trusses run behind the walls. There was a strange black dirtiness along the edges of the floor where the carpet meets the trim. Otherwise, the house was very clean. No off odors or dust to speak of.

These instances are a bit of a Sherlock Holmes mystery. Is the dryer venting into the walls and lint is settling in odd places? Is there a furnace filter missing or is there one that has never been changed?\

Thankfully, I was able to send some photos to a contractor friend that was able to give me some insights. I can now ask the other agent pointed questions to see what the sellers might know. Should we get that far, I can also address these concerns with a home inspector and ask them to take a good look at the systems in the home to see if there are indeed any real causes for concern.

At the end of the day, I want to help this sweet young couple make the best decision for themselves. It is my job to do more than just open a door for them. I need to be the eyes, ears, and nose in a property to help them see (or hear and smell!) things that they might otherwise overlook.

I love what I do, and can’t wait for this couple to find the right home and happy ever after.

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