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I had the pleasure to spend a few days in San Diego this past week for the Rise Conference, hosted by my brokerage, ΓEA⅃ Broker. 
I haven’t spent much time in San Diego before, and I am coming from a busy summer where not a lot of time was taken to just enjoy life. Are you anything like me and find yourself falling into routines and realizing at the end of summer that you didn’t do as much R&R as you would have liked? 
Conferences are awesome, and I get to meet wonderful people in my line of business from all over the country. I learn a lot of things about the market and how to better serve my clients. These events are amazing, and I return home with lots of new ideas to implement. 
This time, I came back refreshed! And I owe it all to a pedi-cab ride from the Grand Hyatt to Little Italy. Have you ever taken a ride in a pedi-cab? It’s silly, and fun. A little touristy, yes. The driver we selected was blasting Backstreet Boys and had LED multicolored lights all over the cab. You could probably hear “Backstreet’s back alright!” from several blocks over. Our driver told us about himself (because I always find people who tell a story). He used to work in tech, and decided he was over it and now he does this, drive a pedi-cab. And shuttles tourists and cruise ship visitors around downtown. His name is Frankie. 
He delivered us to our destination, a restaurant in Little Italy where alfresco diners stared at us while we stepped off the obnoxious pedi-cab with overly loud 90s pop music blaring. And did I mention it was a Monday night? 
I’m lucky to get to travel to a few new places a year for work related events, and make new friends. I see new places, try new restaurants, get to see new scenery. But I tell you what, the best part of this whole trip was the simple joy of a ride in a pedi-cab. 
What has been your favorite simple joy that made your day/week/month? I’d love to hear about it. And if you ever find yourself in downtown San Diego and want to take a pedi-cab, let me know. I suggest you hit up Frankie, and I’ll gladly share his number.

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