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Sometimes, You Get Bucked Off

Something I value greatly is being the best resource I can be for my clients and offering personalized service for all the folks I have the privilege to serve. I aim to go above and beyond in helping sellers market their homes using all the best tools and tech out there (and a healthy dose of marketing, my specialty and expertise!). I work to be proactive for my buyer clients to find the perfect home or find opportunities. For both, I want to negotiate and put them in the best position possible moving to the closing of the transaction. 
In spite of it all, I don't always win. Everyone likes to win, but nobody enjoys losing.
I have to remind myself what I tell my own kids: you often learn more from a loss than from a win. Losing forces you to take a deep look at what you do every day, how you do things if you're prepared enough, and if you could communicate better or differently. It's bitter medicine sometimes, and might not be what you want to hear (but what you need to hear). 
With a win it's easy to say "Woohoo! Got it! Let's go!" and not take a moment to realize what you did well and how you arrived there. 
And sometimes, it's not even what you didn't do. There are x-factors like "Gut feelings" that you can never account for as you gaze through your navel at your inner process. Often, it just wasn't in the cards.
So we stand up, dust off our britches, and take one step forward. It's ok. My mom used to tell me that when a cowgirl gets bucked off a horse, she gets back on and rides off into the sunset.
Saddle up.

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Jennifer is an expert marketer with the know-how, ideas, and creativity to help her clients through the entire real estate process. Whether you're new to the area or a fellow native Oregonian, Jennifer would love to be your go-to resource for all things real estate in the greater Clackamas County area.