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Is it Actually A Good Time to Sell My House?

Is it a good time to sell my house? Actually a good time? Not just more of the "It's always a good time to sell!" talking points coming from real estate agents? 
The short answer? Yes, it could be. And here's some reasoning behind that.
We actually have only half the usual inventory of a normal housing market today. 
You may have heard inventory is low right now, but you may not fully realize just how low or why that’s a perk when you go to sell your house. 
Compared to the same week last year, supply is down roughly 10% – and it was already considered low at that time.
To gauge just how far off from normal today’s inventory is, let’s compare right now to 2019 (the last normal year in the market). When you compare this year (right now) with the matching week in 2019, supply is about 50% lower. That means there are half the homes for sale now than there’d usually be.
The key takeaway? We’re still nowhere near what’s considered a balanced market. There’s plenty of demand for your house because there just aren’t enough homes to go around. 
This is only a piece of the conversation about if it's a good time for you to sell your home. Your individual goals/needs and other factors should also be considered. 
In today's market in the greater Portland, Oregon area and Willamette Valley, I'm seeing homes hit the market, receive multiple offers, and sell quickly. I'm also seeing homes hit the market and sell in a few days with a single offer. More expensive homes might take longer to sell, as there are fewer buyers in the higher price points. 
It's a fair assumption that if your home is in good condition, has pride of ownership, falls into what is considered to be a low price point (under $500,000), and is priced competitively, you may have a good shot at selling your home relatively quickly. 

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